11 Games I Played In 2018

11 Games I Played In 2018

I could do a top 10 games of the year... but the only problem is: I haven't played that many games that came out this year. But I will try and mix the list with games that I played when they came out, and some other games that I finally got around to playing. So, let's just jump in... Oh yeah just to mention this is in no particular order.

#11) Forza Horizon 4

Summer, Spring, Autumn and Winter it doesn't matter what time of the month it is... IT'S STILL BLOODY COLD IN BRITAIN!

Forza was a great experience and was joyous to say the least, the controls where easy to get my head round, Car details looks beautiful and even better it was fun to just muck about in the online with my mates.

If you are looking for a good racing game to add or start playing, I highly recommend this to everyone.

Forza 4 was one of the best racing games I have played

#10) Prey

So lolPants has been shouting at me to play this, so I did.

#9) Subnautica

Oh yeah this got released into the the wild last year.

Subnautica is one of the best survival games I have ever played. Usually, a survival game will just plonk you into the game with a kettle and some string and you must make your own story, but thankfully that is not the case. However, with Subnautica there is a little more to it.

I won't spoil anything as I highly recommend you play this game, but all I will say is that when I made it to the end, I felt a great sadness, but also relief.

Prey is a game I think deserves it own review so I kept its entry short

#8) FIFA 19

OK, I didn't say this would be filled with great games.

FIFA 19 is a fall from grace so hard that if you were on the other side of the globe you would have felt it. The gameplay and the weird story mode really didn't help.

I have already done a full review of this game (coming soon) but in short; It was undoubtedly the worst game of the year when it comes to the big boys of the industry.

#7) Ty the Tasmanian Tiger

It's a bit retro I know, but hear me out on this one...

The Ty games got re-released on Steam, so I decided to play the first one as I never did when it originally released; I also bought the second game as I still own it on PS2. I think that Ty is a hidden gem of a game, as it has all the right things like well-made levels, lots of collectables and cheesy voice acting.

Honestly, if you can get the game on sale, I jolly well say that you should indeed buy it, just make sure to have a controller as well.


Oh here we go, this game...

OH BOY TOBY FOX COMING IN WITH THE TEASE, I completely forgot about this until now and the joyous experience that I got from this.

Again, I won't spoil anything, but all I will say is the soundtrack is still a big bop and the character development is still as detailed as Undertale was.

DELTARUNE is an anagram of NUTDEALER

#5) Half-Life 2 (And Episodes)

Well not just normal Half-Life...

I played the mod Synergy with 2 of my good friends lolPants and Ghitefwe, and phoo wee is it an experience.

Firstly, the gameplay is simple and easy for anyone to just pick up and play. Secondly the story; MY GOD I now see why a lot of people want a 3rd instalment. And lastly, multiplayer may not be the best way to play through the Half-Life story, but it is a heck of a good time. That is, if you have people to play it with and someone to host a server.

#4) Saints Row

What happened to Dex?

I had never played the first instalment of the Saints Row series, but I know some of the story since I played 2 and 3. (Saints Row 4 had no story in my opinion.) So, from the fragments I found out about from predominantly SR2, I decided "fuck it" and picked a copy up from CEX.

Honestly it is alright in the gameplay department, but the story is where it shines. The writing is well put together and the characters are easy to get behind. What a great cast of voice actors, Mila Kunis, Michael Clarke Duncan, Keith David and not forgetting Daniel Dae Kim.

#3) Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus

This is how you make a sequel to a bat-shit crazy shooter.

Oh, I loved this so much. The first game gave me a great challenge, so this one being even harder was refreshing. And best thing of all: YOU CAN KICK HITLER IN THE FUCKING HEAD.

#2) A Hat in Time (Plus DLC)


If Super Mario Sunshine and Super Mario Galaxy had a baby, this would be their child. This game is so good that all I can say is BUY IT!


Spider-dan! Spoider-Dan! Does whatever Dan normally does.

This was a great game; not the greatest of all time but I think it could be a contender if the sequels build on what made this one memorable and GET RID OF THE SLOW-PACED BITS WITH MARY "FUCKING" JANE.

Spiderman PS4 was certainly the best Spiderman game I've played since Spiderman 2 on PS2


Well I would have to say last year was a good year for me when it came to games... Well except for FIFA, that thing was an abomination. But hey, I would like to hear what games caught your fancy! Let me know over on Twitter.

Hopefully this year will bring some more good gaming experiences.

P.S. Apex legends really is worth a download.