The Evil Within - Limited Ammo: The Video Game

The Evil Within - Limited Ammo: The Video Game

From Shinji Mikami the director that brought you Resident Evil comes The Evil Within: a new game series trying to recapture the fear and excitement of the original trilogy (plus 4) of Resident Evil.

From my 21 or so hours of game time I have spent on this game I have to say it intrigued me; from the characters to the gameplay it always had me on my toes. The story was lacklustre at best and didn't really grip me or had anyway an effect on me e.g. emotions weren't strong I didn't feel sad, happy or righteous.


A general synopsis of the story would be this, you play as detective Sebastian Castellanos trying to piece together a mass murder case, but you get interrupted by a guy in a white cloak who looks like he has a few issues (just a few). To be honest it wasn't the story the drove me in this game; for me it had to be the collecting of map fragments and keys to see what was behind the lockers and unlocking cool new weapons. I like to play games to completion, even if it means gathering silly objects or purchasing every upgrade to Sebastian. To me, it feels a bit rewarding but also a massive drag.

Back to the story though, after meeting white cloak McUgly face we awake to find ourselves hung up on a meat hook by some metal faced Freak who has a love for blood and gore, if you are squeamish I would recommend looking away but it might make playing the game a bit impossible to say the least, you then swing to reach a conveniently placed knife to cut yourself free after that you must think "oh boy now I can get out of here..." Nope turns out you need a set of keys to open a door and unfortunately those keys are on a hook next to Baron Von Chainsaw... So you have to sneak up to him and steal the keys whilst he isn't looking, which is fun I guess.

Hanging around casual like

Subsequently after that, you unlock the door and start to leave to then set off an alarm. Well done you have now won the prize of a chase sequence. And boy did I have fun with this bit; I felt like I was gonna die (spoiler I didn't). But then the Bastard cut my leg and switched on another convenient device which had saw like blades closing in on you. Don't worry there is a lovely hatch waiting for you at the other end of the room, now you are sliding down a water blood slide with guts and other gubbins. Honestly whoever made this layout should be hired for Disney World as I feel the kids would love this! Anyway losing track here; let’s get back to the game. So you slide into a pool of blood, lovely. At this point the game was just a walking simulator with no interesting bits until you have to hide away into a locker and Chainsaw Bill is here and wants to 'ave ya.

Proceeding Bill and his chainsaw wife you now must do another stealth section. Oh gosh golly I love me some stealth in a boring game and well... its shit. What else can I say, it’s really shit. You just crouch, walk, then hide, and then crouch walk again and hide again so on and so forth until you can go around him and get out which leads nicely into A CHASE SEQUENCE AGAIN. But this time, a limping Sebastian trying his best to do a Jackie-Chan impersonation jumping over stretchers and ramming into wheelchairs trying to escape old Billy before jumping into an elevator which takes him back to the beginning area.

And that’s as much I can be bothered to write about. The story is just about White Cloak also known as Ruvik and what happened to him. It tells about why he had done all this crazy shit and then you find out (spoiler warning) that they were all stuck in a dream state or something like that, which had a bunch of people linked to Ruvik’s head / brain. Oh yeah and there was the character called Leslie who was this big key for Ruvik to wreak havoc over the city but who got constantly dragged away from him until the end where he turns into liquid, which then in turns cause this huge freaky monster to appear; there you go final Boss, enjoy.

In conclusion, the story for The Evil Within is awful and not worth the trouble, but the gameplay past chapter 1 is fun. It can sometimes can get infuriating and also has its fun moments, but know this: AMMO IS A BLOODY LUXURY so don't WASTE it!

P.S. I might do a review on the Evil within 2 as I heard it is a step up from the first instalment.